Empowering the Future

Oktober 2013

Dear Alumni und Friends,

Prof. Eitel
Prof. Dr Dr h.c. Bernhard Eitel

Heidelberg University is the oldest German university and one of the most important research universities in Europe. Two recent international rankings that saw Heidelberg place first among German universities, as well as our success in the two rounds of the Excellence Initiative, testify to our leading role in the academic world. Our aim is to close the gap separating us from the world’s top universities and to evolve into a place of dynamic research and teaching that can compare with the best. We want to find answers to urgent social and environmental questions and educate young people at the forefront of research, preparing them for their task of shaping the world and changing it for the better.


In this endeavor we are guided by our defining values of freedom, creativity and innovation. They are the basis and the driving force of science, the ‘living spirit’ underlying an environment that encourages free thinking and the pursuit of excellence. Yet in order to be worthy of its name, an environment of excellence must offer optimum conditions for teachers, researchers and students alike. By that I do not just mean laboratories and major equipment, but also modern teaching facilities with lecture halls and seminar rooms that help create an exceptional teaching and learning experience. To provide these necessities, the university needs funds that enable it to act quickly and flexibly – when it wants to appoint or retain top scientists, for instance, or bring large research projects to Heidelberg, or construct a new building for top-level research.

With our new campaign entitled ZUKUNFT STIFTEN – EMPOWERING THE FUTURE, I am asking for your support. Together with our friends, supporters and alumni we want to create and sustain opportunities for future generations while preserving the scientific heritage of our university. I invite you to support talented junior researchers, help us build new research facilities, where tomorrow is envisioned and designed today, or become a sponsor of basic or application-oriented research – your contribution helps us put in place the scientific groundwork that will provide answers to the great questions of humanity, today and in a future that is yet unknown, but for which we are eminently responsible.


Prof. Dr Dr h.c. Bernhard Eitel
Rector of Heidelberg University

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