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Regulations concerning cumulative dissertations in Economics

The following rules apply for cumulative dissertations:

The affidavit Adobe, which is handed with the delivery of your dissertation, will be added by a supplementary sheet Adobe. On this paper, the doctoral candidate will state the following:

  • A listing of all the articles in the dissertation
  • For every article: the information about the co-author, if available
  • For every article with a co-author: the exact description of your own input


In addition, there are a few extra rules applying to the subject of economics:

  • It is allowed for the adviser to be a consultant for the dissertation, as long as he/she did not take part as co-author in more than one third of a main chapter OR if at least one of the main chapters is written in sole authorship.
  • It is allowed for the second consultant to be a co-author of the cumulative dissertation, as long as the first consultant is not a co-author.  The rule stated above is analog to the full extent of the co-authorship.
  • If it is the case that the coauthors contributed different amounts of parts in the article, it must be stated, which part of work was performed by the doctoral candidate. Here, it is necessary for the co-author to deliver a signed sheet declaring the partitioning of the papers.
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