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Regulations concerning cumulative dissertations in Sociology

The following rules apply for cumulative dissertations:

The affidavit Adobe, which is handed with the delivery of your dissertation, will be added by a supplementary sheet Adobe. On this paper, the doctoral candidate will state the following:

  • A listing of all the articles in the dissertation
  • For every article: the information about the co-author, if available
  • For every article with a co-author: the exact description of your own input


In addition, there are a few extra rules applying to the subject of sociology:

3 publications in professional journals,

  • At least one of them has to be in an anglophone, international, visible and high-ranking journal
  • The rest has to be published in either “ZfS” (Zeitschrift für Soziologie/ journal for sociology) or “KZfSS” (Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie/ Cologne Journal for Sociology and Social psychology)

All publications must be released or definitely approved for publication.

The following rules apply for cumulative promotions:

  • A single-authorship can be replaced by a co-authorship
  • 2 single-authorships can be replaced by 3 co-authorships
  • At least one publication has to be single-authorship
  • It is not allowed for co-authors to be consultants
  • The doctoral candidate has to specifically name his own work, if submitting a publication in co-authorship


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