US Foreign Policy Analysis


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Donnerstag 14-16Uhr, Krehl, SR 02.023

Seminarleitung: Cameron Thies, PhD (University of Iowa)

Seminarsprache: English

Office Hours: Mittwoch 10-12Uhr (bitte in Liste an der Tür eintragen)




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This course introduces students to the study of foreign policy analysis.  The primary perspective adopted by the course is a decision making approach, which places foreign policy decision makers at the center of analytical inquiry.  We will explore a variety of approaches to such inquiry, including rational choice perspectives, prospect theory, poliheuristic theory, operational code analysis, and role theory.  We will also inquire into the role of a leader’s advisory system, bureaucracy, public opinion, the media, other domestic factors, and international systemic pressures in shaping foreign policy decision making.  The decision making approach to foreign policy analysis arose within the context of the American academy, so many of the applications will focus on U.S. foreign policy. However, we will also focus on applications to other countries too, including Germany, the United Kingdom, China, Israel, Turkey, and others.  The course has one required textbook, plus journal articles and book chapters that will be made available to students.



Zu Beginn des Seminars kann ein Reader mit den grundlegenden Texten erworben werden.

Breuning, Marijke. 2007. Foreign Policy Analysis: A Comparative Introduction. New York, NY: Palgrave MacMillan. ISBN: 0-312-29620-7

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