State-Building and Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa



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Dienstag 16-18Uhr, Krehl, SR 02.034

Seminarleitung: Cameron Thies, PhD (University of Iowa)

Seminarsprache: English

Office Hours: Mittwoch 10-12Uhr (bitte in Liste an der Tür eintragen)




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This course is designed to expose students to the role that conflict plays in state building processes in Africa.  We will explore the dynamics of internal conflict between the center and the periphery, and between competing groups in society as rulers have attempted to forge polities resembling the ideal of the nation-state imported from Europe.  We will also explore the role of external conflict (or perhaps the absence of external conflict) in the form of interstate war, in shaping ruler strategies for state building. Conflict processes will also be examined in the context of many other factors that affect state building, including political geography, economic growth and development, ethnicity, colonialism, and others.  This course will draw on literatures associated with international relations, comparative political systems, and area studies of Africa.  Readings will include the following four required books and a number of additional articles and book chapters to be made available to students.



Zu Beginn des Seminars kann ein Reader mit den grundlegenden Texten erworben werden.

Clapham, Christopher. 1996. Africa and the International System: The Politics of State Survival. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 0-521-57668-7
Boone, Catherine. 2003. Political Topographies of the African State: Territorial Authority and Institutional Choice. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.  ISBN: 0-521-53264-7
Herbst, Jeffrey. 2000. States and Power in Africa: Comparative Lessons in Authority and Control. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.  ISBN: 0-691-01028-5
Bates, Robert H. 2008. When Things Fell Apart: State Failure in Late-Century Africa. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 0-521-71525-6


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