U.S. Foreign Policy and Grand Strategy


Modul MAPOL_WP6b: Perspektiven und Positionen der Politikwissenschaft

Konstituierende Sitzung: Tuesday, October 18, from 8-9:50 pm. SR 02.034

2. Sitzung: Tuesday, November 8, from 8-9:50 pm. SR 02.034

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15.Dez. 2011  09-17Uhr

16.Dez. 2011  08-12Uhr  


Seminarleitung: Jeffrey Lantis, PhD (College of Wooster)

Seminarsprache: English



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What is the grand strategy of the United States in the 21st century?  Is the “unipolar moment” for the United States over, or is the country on the “path to permanent war,” as some argue?  How do foreign policy objectives of the Obama administration fit within a broader historical context?  Grand strategy represents a compelling frame that bridges theory and policy-making.  It is a way of thinking about plans and policies to advance national interests, but it is also the product of significant contestation.  This seminar examines the development of United States foreign policy and grand strategy from the 18th century to the present, with a special focus on contemporary debates.  Key case studies include the origins of U.S. containment policies in the Cold War, liberal internationalism and humanitarian intervention, U.S.-European relations in the post-Cold War era, the war on terrorism, and U.S. responses to the “Arab Spring.”  The seminar will enhance student understanding of grand strategy through critical examination of history, theories of political science, and policy dilemmas.




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