Exam Registration

  • Registration period for all exams (2. Period Summer Term 2021): 12.09. - 03.10.2021 , 23:59. Later registrations will not be considered.
    Exceptions: -

I.a. Students in the following programs:

  • Economics (Politische Ökonomik) (B.Sc.)
    100%, 50% and 25%
  • Economics (M.Sc.)
  • Staatsexamen Politik- / Wirtschaftswissenschaft
  • also: students in International exchange programs
    (e.g. ERASMUS), that are enrolled in an economics subject

Registration via LSF


I.b. Students in the following programs:

  • Diplom Volkswirtschaftslehre
  • Magister Volkswirtschaftslehre






Please contact the exams office directly
 (Frau Bramm E-Mail)


II.a. Students in the following programs:

  • B.A. Soziologie
  • M.A. Soziologie





Registration via LSF


II.b. Students in other programs

  • e.g. Physics, Mathematics, Applied Computer Science, Political Science
  • Students at the University of Mannheim
  • also: students in International exchange programs
    (e.g. ERASMUS), that are not enrolled in an economics subject


Before registering for their first exam at AWI,
students in this category musst
first register at the AWI exams office.


Registration via form



  • Subsequently, a final and binding registration list will be posted (at Campus Bergheim) for non-subject students (II.b.).

  • If you find any errors when checking the registration lists, please contact Jutta Bramm or Silvia Sparn-Haida.

  • For non-specialized students (II.b.), the examination result will be announced by posting at Campus Bergheim.

  • The examiners will give the students an appointment to view the exams.

  • Students who are unable to attend the examinations due to illness must submit a medical certificate to the Examination Office within three days of the examination. Certificates submitted later will not be considered! Anyone who misses an exam without excuse will receive a grade of 5 (= not passed).

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