MULTITIP: A full-cycle, multi-methods approach to the Lake Victoria Nile perch fishery

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MultiTip project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung) to implement a three-year research project to investigate  the economic incentives, institutional instruments, and stakeholder's perceptions that may hinder the sustainable management of the Nile Perch fishery.  The Nile perch fishery, is predicted to be at the brink of a systemic shift, a tipping point, and crossing this tipping point would imply significant socio-economic consequences at local and regional scales.

MultiTip will provide key insights on the mechanisms through which system understanding and economic incentives affect collective action and how leveraging these mechanisms through external interventions can help to avoid a potential tipping point. The project embraces a genuinely mixed-methods approach that combines the use of secondary data, qualitative and quantitative methods with controlled experiments in order to advance a conceptual and analytical toolbox that can be applied to settings that share with LV the common features of collective action, a renewable common-pool resource, and an ecological tipping point related to resource extraction. 

The Project team is made up of  behavioral and environmental economists, cognitive and environmental psychologists, mathematical modelers, and fisheries experts, working empirically and experimentally, conducting field interventions, and integrating the results through analytical and agent-based modelling  for a better understanding of the coupled socio-ecological system of the Nile perch fishery and for averting deleterious outcomes.  The project will be operationalised through work five packages (WPs). These work packages will be accompanied by a comprehensive communication strategy that ensures effective communication management and the dissemination of the results to the relevant stakeholders and the larger public.  For more info





Our first year - An overview:

Kick-off meeting - April 2019

April 1, 2019, marked the official launch of the MultiTip project as a part of the "BioTip" research programme funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, under the International funding programme "Tipping Points".

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Stakeholders workshop - July 2019

On July 26, 2019, the team held the first regional kick-off and stakeholder workshop at the LVFO Secretariat in Jinja, Uganda. The aim was to raise awareness on the project objectives, expected outputs, and implementation modalities.

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Field visits - August 2019

In August 2019, the MultiTip team led by Prof. Timo Goeschl visited various Beach Management Units (BMUs) and fish markets in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.


New publication by Dr. van den Broek

Dr. Karlijn van den Broek's paper titled Stakeholders' perceptions of the socioeconomic and environmental challenges at Lake Victoria is published in "Lakes & Reservoirs: Science, Policy and Management for Sustainable Use".

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Development of M-Tool

M-Tool is an innovative app that allows users to capture people’s perceptions of complex systems (mental models) with mobile devices. It has been developed by researchers at Heidelberg University and Tanzanian Fisheries Research Institute (TAFIRI).


Work in progress

  • Modelling the dynamics of the Nile Perch fishery under the presence and increase in value of the fish Maw trade.
  • Developing an experimental lab paradigm to test the effects of desirability and group bias in the formation of beliefs and noisy signals about the state of Lake Victoria.
  • Investigating the effects of experience and social norms on risk-taking behavior of fishers to understand the decision making process in Lake Victoria.
  • Supporting the application of scientist from the Lake Victoria Fisheries Research Institutions to pursue their postgraduate studies in Germany.
  • Modelling solutions to the complex multi-species Lake Victoria Fishery, a joint workshop between MultiTip and project partners from Lake Victoria. Tentative date: 1st quarter of 2021 (Heidelberg, Germany).




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