Initiative for Excellence "Global Change and Globalization"


Preparation project of the Initiative for Excellence II


Duration (preparation phase): 2009-2012



"Global Change and Globalization" is a joint interdisciplinary initiative for excellence, integrating natural and social sciences. Studying the causal links between global environmental change and globalization, environmental economists cooperate with environmental physicists, lawyers, geographers and geologists. Within the framework of the initiative a number of collaborative research projects, typically involving three or more disciplines, work on different issues, which are eminent aspects of global change and globalization. For environmental economics Travis Warziniack (Ph.D.) participates in a research project on water in sensitive regions, Larissa Weidert (Ph.D.-student) in a research project on element cycles and socioeconomic dynamics and Ole Grogro (Ph.D.-student) in a research project on global change and the energy system.



The primary objective of this research project consists of a thorough understanding and in-depth knowledge of global relationships, processes and players. The department of environmental economics puts a strong focus on natural resources and their role as well as their impacts on the emerging global developments and contributes to the initiative's general objective to set up an interdisciplinary research cluster at the University of Heidelberg.


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