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Postdoc                                                  Johannes Diederich

Research Centre for Environmental Economics​

Alfred-Weber-Institute for Economics

Bergheimer Str. 20

69115 Heidelberg


Room: 217

Phone. +49 6221 54 8014

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Behavioral Environmental Economics

Behavioral Public Economics

Online Experiments



Does Mitigation Begin At Home? (with Timo Goeschl). Revise & resubmit at Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.

To Mitigate or Not to Mitigate: The Price Elasticity of Pro-Environmental Behavior (with Timo Goeschl). Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 84 (2017), 209–222.

Giving is a Question of Time: Response Times and Contributions to an Environmental Public Good (with Johannes Lohse and Timo Goeschl). Environmental and Resource Economics, 67 (2017), 455–477.

Group Size and the (In)Efficiency of Pure Public Good Provision (with Timo Goeschl and Israel Waichman). European Economic Review, 85 (2016), 272–287.

Willingness to Pay for Voluntary Climate Action and Its Determinants: Field-Experimental Evidence (with Timo Goeschl). Environmental and Resource Economics, 57 (2014), 405–429.



"Nudge Yourself" - Endogenous Default Options in Linear Public Good Games (with Timo Goeschl and Israel Waichman)

Direct vs. Indirect Variation in the Price of Giving: Online-field-experimental evidence (with Catherine Eckel, Timo Goeschl, and Philip Grossman)

“GEPaRD” – Geo-located Experimental Panel Research on Smart Mobile Devices




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