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  • June 2019: Florian Diekert, Tilmann Eymess, and Robbert Schaap attended and presented their research at the 24th Annual Conference of the EAERE in Manchester, UK.
  • June 2019: Frikk Nesje has presented "Cross-dynastic intergenerational altruism" at the University of Oslo, Norway.
  • May 2019: Frikk Nesje has visited the University of Gothenburg, Sweden (host: Thomas Sterner).
  • May 2019: Frikk Nesje has presented "Cross-dynastic intergenerational altruism" at the University of Freiberg.
  • May 2019: Tillmann Eymess and Robbert Schaap have visited the 2nd GREEN-Econ Spring School in Environmental Economics at the Aix-Marseille School of Economics.
  • May 2019: Tillmann Eymess has presented "Conforming with Norms of Cooperation" in the AEL-FHM meeting at the Center for Evaluation and Development (C4ED) in Mannheim.
  • April 2019: Frikk Nesje has presented “Cross-dynastic intergenerational altruism” at the Norwegian School of Economics.
  • March 2019: Tillmann Eymess has visited the interdisciplinary PhD workshop at the Advanced School for Environmental Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
  • March 2019: Frikk Nesje has presented “Discounting Disentangled” and follow-up projects at the University of Hagen.
  • February 2019: Frikk Nesje has presented “Risk adjustment of the discount rate in cost-benefit analyses” at the Norwegian Ministry of Finance.
  • February 2019: Florian Diekert has presented “Groups discipline resource use under scarcity” at the 4th Workshop on Experimental Economics for the Environment in Münster.
  • February 2019: Robbert Schaap, Tillmann Eymess, and Frikk Nesje participated and presented their research at the AURÖ workshop for young researchers in Kassel.
  • November 2018: The second field trip to Chile has been successfully concluded. We held 26 sessions from Arauco in the South up to Guayacan in the North.
  • November 2018: Frikk Nesje has joined NATCOOP as a research fellow.

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