Theme B: Risk and Risk preferences


In this part of the project, we study how the volatility of resource abundance influences risk preferences and how this in turn affects community-based management



Project 1: Prudence and Precautionary Saving by Natural Resource Users


Authors: Robbert Schaap


Abstract: An experimental literature is emerging investigating the theoretically predicted relation between higher-order risk preference and financial behavior. This paper utilizes the institutional framework and diversity of the artisanal Chilean fisheries to link precautionary savings behavior with prudence. In this environment we test if prudence is a predictor of precautionary savings and whether prudence relates to occupational choice. We find substantially lower levels of prudence in our sample compared to previous research with non-fishers. We detect differences in prudence and precautionary savings based on target species and demographic correlates. However, we do not find a direct relation between prudence and precautionary savings. 


Status: In progress



Project 2: Risk Preference and Risk Exposure


Authors: Robbert Schaap, Florian Diekert, Stuart Kininmonth


Abstract: Ongoing research project with the aim to test if there is a positive relationship between exposure to income variability and risk preference. We measure the behavioral preferences of Chilean fishers using a lab in the field experiment and determine risk exposure based on landing tickets.


Status: In progress

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