John Cruzatti C.





Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
Alfred-Weber-Institute for Economics
Chair of International and Development Politics

Bergheimer Str. 58
D-69115 Heidelberg, Germany 


Ph.D. Candidate


John Cruzatti C. is a Ph.D. candidate at the Chair of International and Development Politics under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Axel Dreher. His research focuses on the use of high-resolution data to study global Geographic, Economic and Political Determinants of Development.


He holds a Master’s degree in Economic Sociology from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and a Master´s degree in Economics and Management from ESPOL University (Ecuador). He completed his undergraduate studies in 2010 and was awarded a B.A. in International Business by ESPOL University. He has worked as an Assistant Professor at ESPOL University (2014-2016), and as a Finance and Administration Director at the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education (2012-2013).



Working papers

Aid and Health at the National and Regional Level
(with Axel Dreher and Johannes Matzat)


Work in progress

Free Trade Agreements and Local Development: a Global Analysis with High-Resolution Data 

Favouritism in the executive and legislative branch:
Latin-America and the Caribbean
(with Christian Björnksov and Andrea Sáenz de Viteri)

Natural Disasters, Beliefs and Preferences
(with María José Mendoza)

Social ties and Geographical embeddedness in Financial Markets of Developing Countries:
The Ecuadorian Case
(with Andrés Chiriboga)

Local Human Development determinants of Aid 
(with Hólger Cevallos)

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