„Macroeconomics and Financial Econometrics” Track

From this winter term (2022/23) onwards, we offer the „Macroeconomics and Financial Econometrics” track in the Master’s programme. For further information, see:


Tips for Writing a Bachelor/Master Thesis


Access Statistics Software: Stata and EViews

The courses offered by the Chair of Empirical Economics are accompanied by empirical exercises with the statistical software Stata or EViews. Stata and EViews are installed on the computers in the PC pool of the AWI (Bergheimer Straße 58). In addition, you can also access Stata/EViews externally via a remote desktop connection. The application then runs via your URZ account, i.e., you work on the same interface you already know from the PC pool. In both cases, you will need a valid user id (Uni ID).

Instructions for setting up the remote desktop connection can be found here

It is only possible to connect to the remote desktop servers if a VPN connection to the university has been established. You can find the information here:


Courses Offered in Previous Terms


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