Dr. Yilong Xu

Wissenschaftlicher MitarbeiterDr. Yilong Xu

Alfred-Weber-Institut für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Behavioral Finance

Bergheimer Str. 58

69115 Heidelberg


Tel. +49 6221 54 2951

Fax. +49 6221 54 3592


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Raum: 01.016




Experimental finance, asset markets, behavioral finance, ethics



Potters, J. and Y. Xu (2018). Social Information and Selfishness. Working Paper.

Fehr, D., H. Rau, S. T. Trautmann, and Y. Xu (2018). Inequality, Fairness and Social Capital. Working Paper.



Kocher, M., D. Schindler, S. T. Trautmann and Y. Xu (2018). Risk, Time Pressure, & Selection EffectsExperimental Economics, forthcoming. [data]​

Xu, Y., Xu, X., & Tucker, S. (2018). Ambiguity attitudes in the loss domain: Decisions for self versus othersEconomics Letters 170, 100-103. [data]

Noussair, C. N., S. Tucker, and Y. Xu (2016). Futures markets, cognitive ability, and mispricing in experimental asset markets. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 130, 166-179.

Noussair, C. N., and Y. Xu (2015). Information mirages and financial contagion in an asset market experiment. Journal of Economic Studies 42, 1029-1055.



Corporate Finance, Bachelor, lecture plus tutorial, offered in summer term

Investment Analysis, Master, lecture plus tutorial, offered in winter terms  

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