Dr. Yilong Xu

Wissenschaftlicher MitarbeiterDr. Yilong Xu

Alfred-Weber-Institut für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Behavioral Finance

Bergheimer Str. 58

69115 Heidelberg


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Experimental finance, asset markets, behavioral finance, ethics



Lambrecht, M., Sofianos, A., & Xu, Y. (2020). Does mining fuel bubbles? An experimental study on cryptocurrency markets.

Tucker, S. & Xu, Y. (2020). Nonspeculative Bubbles Revisited: Speculation Does Matter.

Fehr, D., Rau, H., Trautmann, S. T., & Xu, Y. (2020). Fairness Properties of Compensation Schemes.


Fehr, D., Rau, H., Trautmann, S. T., and Xu, Y. (2020). Inequality, Fairness and Social Capital, European Economic Review, 169, 103566.

Potters, J., & Xu, Y. (2020). Social Information and Selfishness. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 177, 327–340.

Kocher, M., D. Schindler, S. T. Trautmann and Y. Xu (2018). Risk, Time Pressure, & Selection EffectsExperimental Economics, 22, 216–246.

Xu, Y., Xu, X., & Tucker, S. (2018). Ambiguity attitudes in the loss domain: Decisions for self versus othersEconomics Letters 170, 100-103. [data]

Noussair, C. N., S. Tucker, and Y. Xu (2016). Futures markets, cognitive ability, and mispricing in experimental asset markets. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 130, 166-179.

Noussair, C. N., and Y. Xu (2015). Information mirages and financial contagion in an asset market experiment. Journal of Economic Studies 42, 1029-1055.



Investment Analysis, Master, lecture plus tutorial, offered in winter terms  

Corporate Finance, Bachelor, lecture plus tutorial, offered in summer terms

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