Dr. Christian König gen. Kersting

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​Behavioral Finance

Department of Economics

Bergheimer Str. 58

69115 Heidelberg


Tel. +49 6221 54 2940

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Behavioral Finance, Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Decisions under Risk and Uncertainty, Decisions under Stress



Kling, L., König-Kersting, C., and Trautmann S.T. (2019). Investing for Others: Principals‘ vs. Agents’ Preferences. Working Paper.

König-Kersting, C., M. Pollmann, J. Potters, and S. T. Trautmann (2016). Good decision vs. good results: Outcome bias in the evaluation of financial agents. Working Paper.



König-Kersting, C. (2019). oTree Manager: Multi-user oTree installations made easy. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, 22, 177-182.

König-Kersting, C. and S. T. Trautmann (2018). Countercyclical Risk Aversion: Beyond Financial ProfessionalsJournal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance 18, 94-101.

König-Kersting, C. and S. T. Trautmann (2016). Ambiguity Attitudes in Decisions for Others. Economics Letters 146, 126-129.

Supplementary analysis: König-Kersting, C. and S. T. Trautmann (2016). Test of Order Effects in Ambiguity Attitude Measurement.


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