Research Interests

Labor Economics, Family Policy, Migration
Public Economics, Political Economy, Health Economics
Policy Evaluation, Microeconometrics

Research Papers

Labor Market and Human Capital

“Minimum Wages, Automation and Capital Investments" (with Mario Bossler, Terry Gregory and Kristina Zapp), May 2020.

“Evolution of Wage Inequality in East Germany" (with Eduard Brüll), November 2018.

“From Licensing to Certification: Evidence from Liberalizing the Crafts and Trades" (with Franziska Lembcke), February 2020.

“College Openings and Local Economic Development" (with Francesco Berlingieri and Matthias Quinckhardt), October 2020.

“Spillover Effects of Mass Layoffs” (with Ines Helm and Uta Schönberg), Journal of the European Economic Association, 18, 1 (2020): 427-468.

How General is Human Capital? A Task-Based Approach (with Uta Schönberg), Journal of Labor Economics, 28, 1 (2010): 1-50 (lead article).


“Marginal Returns to Citizenship for Immigrant Children" (with Anna Busse and Christina Vonnahme), February 2020.

“The Labor Market Assimilation of Immigrants in Germany" (with Ole Monscheuer), January 2019.

“Citizenship and the Social Integration of Immigrants” (with Nicolas Keller und Ole Monscheuer), December 2017.

“Access to Citizenship and the Economic Assimilation of Immigrants” (with Nicolas Keller), Economic Journal, 128, 616 (2018): 3141-3181.

"Effects of Enforcement on Illegal Markets: Evidence from Migrant Smugglers Along the Southwestern Border, Journal of Public Economics, 92, 10-11 (2008): 1926-1941. Working paper version

Family Policy

“Free Childcare, Family Choices and Child Development” (with Anna Busse), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 179 (2020): 240-260. Earlier version: IZA Working Paper No.11269.

“Taxing Childcare: Effects on Childcare Choices, Family Labor Supply, and Children” (with Björn Saß), Journal of Labor Economics, 36, 3 (2018): 665–709.


“In Sickness and in Health: Job Displacement and Health Spillovers in Couples" (with Kristiina Huttunen, Laura Jenström, Lauri Sääsvuori and Robin Stitzing), June 2020, submitted.

Compulsory Schooling and Mortality in 20th Century Europe (with Hendrick Jürges and Steffen Reinhold), Social Science and Medicine, 127 (2015): 74-82.

The Gorbachev Anti-Alcohol Campaign and Russia's Mortality Crisis (with Grant Miller and Jay Bhattacharya), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 5, 2 (2013): 232-60. Working paper version

Political Economy

“Proportional Representation, Political Responsiveness and Child Mortality,” R&R at Journal of European Economic Association, Appendix (additional results), IZA Working Paper No.12729.

“The Role of Electoral Incentives for Policy Innovations: Evidence from the U.S. Welfare Reform” (mit Andreas Bernecker und Pierre Boyer), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy,  Earlier version: CEPR Working Paper No. 13763.

Gender Gaps in Policy Making: Evidence from Direct Democracy in Switzerland (with Patricia Funk), Economic Policy, 30, 81 (2015): 141-181.

Voter Preferences, Direct Democracy and Government Spending (with Patricia Funk), European Journal of Political Economy, 32 (2013): 300-319.

How do Electoral Systems Affect Fiscal Policy? Evidence from Cantonal Parliaments, 1890 to 2000 (with Patricia Funk), Journal of the European Economic Association, 11, 5 (2013): 1178-1203. Working paper version

Does Direct Democracy Reduce the Size of Government? New Evidence from Historical Data, 1890-2000 (with Patricia Funk), Economic Journal, 121 (2011), 557:1252-1280. Working paper version

Overseas Trade and the Decline of Privateering (with Henning Hillmann), Journal of Economic History, 71, 3 (September 2011): 730-761. Working paper version


Setting Up an Online Panel Representative of the General Population: The German Internet Panel (with Annelies Blom and Ulrich Krieger), Field Methods, 27 (4) (2015): 391-408.

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