Job Market Candidates

Dr. Johannes Diederich Homepage | CV Diederich Web
Research Fields (JEL Codes):

C9, D9, D64, H41, Q5

Job market paper title: Subsidizing Quantity Donations:
Matches, Rebates, and Discounts Compared
Referee(s): Prof. Timo Goeschl, Ph.D 


Onno Kleen Homepage | CV Onno Kleen
Research Fields (JEL Codes): C52, C53, C58, G17
Job market paper title: Robust evaluation of distribution forecasts
Referee(s): Prof. Dr. Christian Conrad


Franziska Katharina Lembcke Homepage | CV Franziska Lembcke
Research Fields (JEL Codes):

J08, J44, L51, J13, J31.

Job market paper title:

“From Occupational Licensing to Certification: Labor Market Effects of   Liberalization”, joint with Christina Gathmann

Referee(s): Prof. Christina Gathmann, Ph.D


Dr. Illia Pasichnickenko Homepage | CV Pasichnichenko Web
Research Fields (JEL Codes): D81 (Decision theory)
Job market paper title: Decision-Making under Partial Information
Referee(s): Prof. Dr. Jürgen Eichberger


Dr. Rajesh Ramachandran Homepage | CV Ramachandran web
Research Fields (JEL Codes): O1, I25, I28, N3, Z1.
Job market paper title:

Vernacularization, the Protestant Reformation,
and Development


Hannes Mueller



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