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Alfred Weber Lecture


Alfred Weber Portrait

  Named for the eminent Heidelberg economist and sociologist, the Alfred Weber Lecture brings renowned academics and policymakers to the University of Heidelberg. Their talks focus on economic policies and other socially relevant questions and illustrate the interdependence of politics, economy, and society to an audience of students, faculty, and the interested public of the region. Since 2007, the Alfred Weber Lecture has attracted a number of illustrious speakers, among them former German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, the former president of the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), Gesine Schwan, the former director of the ifo-Institute for economic research, Hans-Werner Sinn, and the former president of Deutsche Bundesbank, Axel Weber.

Starting in 2018, the organizers will extend invitations internationally.


The Alfred Weber Lecture is generously supported by Gisela und Peter Kwasny.


Previous Alfred Weber Lectures:


Timeline of previous LecturesAdobe

14. Alfred-Weber-Lecture with Robert B. Zoellick

13. Alfred-Weber-Lecture with Andreas Voßkuhle

12. Alfred-Weber-Lecture with Jürgen Stark

11. Alfred-Weber-Lecture with Axel A. Weber

10. Alfred-Weber-Lecture with Wolfgang Schäuble

9. Alfred-Weber-Lecture with Kurt Biedenkopf

8. Alfred-Weber-Lecture with Claus Leggewie

7. Alfred-Weber-Lecture with Kardinal Marx

6. Alfred-Weber-Lecture with Karl Homann

5. Alfred-Weber-Lecture with Gesine Schwan

4. Alfred-Weber-Lecture with Martin Hellwig

3. Alfred-Weber-Lecture with Meinhard Miegel

2. Alfred-Weber-Lecture with Hans-Werner Sinn

1. Alfred-Weber-Lecture with Klaus-Töpfer


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