Indexing Human Trafficking Research Project


This page provides information on the project “Indexing Human Trafficking: gauging its trends, causes and consequences in the European dimension” supported by the Prevention of and Fight Against Crime Programme of the European Union, EC Action Grant 2010-2012.

Reducing trafficking in human beings (THB) and assisting its victims is a political priority of the European Union (EU). Therefore, the project focused on the construction of a composite index on THB using quantitative and qualitative data.

In an interdisciplinary approach trends, patterns and anti-trafficking policies were analyzed by researchers from economics, political science and criminology. The project’s results provide new insights and comparable data on the global level to experts, the research community, policy makers, and organizations working in the fight of human trafficking (HT). Being an illicit criminal activity successfully reducing THB requires cooperation between experts of different fields and on the regional, national and global level. The project took this into account by assembling researchers from different academic disciplines and by taking part in a multitude of international workshops, seminars and conferences.

The project achieved its main goal to construct a composite index of THB and to evaluate the development of policy approaches over time. Furthermore, we produced new insights into determinants and consequences of THB, which will support the work of policy makers and experts as well as encourage further research to successfully fight this human rights violating criminal activity.


For questions please contact:

Alexandra Rudolph
Phone: +49 (0) 6221 543853

Research Associate
Chair of International and Development Politics

Alfred-Weber Institute
Bergheimer Str. 58
69118 Heidelberg


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