Macro & Econometrics Seminar

Time: Wednesday afternoon

Location: AWI room 01.030 (Bergheimer Str. 58). Everybody is welcome!

Organisation: Jonas Dovern and Freya Schadt

Summer Term 2018

02.05.2018, 14-15h

Christopher Zuber

"Revisions to Potential Output Estimates in the EU after the Great Recession"


09.05.2018, 14-15h

Christopher Krause (KIT)

"Fiscal Policy over the Business Cycle"


16.05.2018, 14-15h

Onno Kleen

"Volatility Forecasting for Low-volatility Investing"


23.05.2018, 14-15h

Lena Janys (Universität Bonn)

"Selecting Relevant Outcomes Using the Group-sparse Lasso in a Multiple Outcome Setting"


06.06.2018, 14-15h

David Vespermann

"Effects of a European Unemployment Insurance"


20.06.2018, 17-18h

Wändi Bruine de Bruin (Leeds University)

"Improving Surveys of Consumer Inflation Expectations"


27.06.2018, 14-15h

Michael Stollenwerk

"Dynamic Principal Component CAW Models for High-Dimensional Realized Covariance Matrices"


04.07.2018, 14-15h (canceled)

Stéphane Moyen (Deutsche Bundesbank)


11.07.2018, 14-15h

Alexander Glas


25.07.2018, 14-15h

Luca Pegorari (KIT)

"The MPC out of Housing Wealth, Debt Overhang and the Slow Recovery"


Winter Term 2017/2018

25.10.2017, 17-18h

Michael Rockinger (University of Lausanne)

"Predicting Long-Term Financial Returns: VAR vs. DSGE Model - A Horse-Race"


08.11.2017, 17-18h

Thomas Eife

"A Model of Industrial Policy with Capability Linkages"


22.11.2017, 14-15h

Nestor Parolya

"Optimal Shrinkage-based Portfolio Selection in High Dimensions"


29.11.2017, 14-15h

Alexander Glas


10.01.2018, 17-18h

Jörg Breitung (University of Cologne)

"Asymmetric Impulse Responses"


17.01.2018, 14-15h

Johannes Brumm (KIT)

"Re-use of Colateral: Leverage, Volatility, and Welfare"


24.01.2018, 14-15h (canceled)

Klemens Hauzenberger (Deutsche Bundesbank)

"The Fisher Paradox. A Primer"


Summer Term 2017

19.04.2016, 14-15 h

Lena Dräger (Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz)

"Are Consumers Planning Consumption According to an Euler Equation?"


24.4.2017, 16-17 h

Jonas Dovern

"Order Invariant Tests for Proper Calibration of Multivariate Density Forecasts"


17.05.2017, 14-15 h

Christian Conrad

"On the economic determinants of optimal stock-bond portfolios: international evidence"


24.05.2017, 17-18 h (canceled)

Johannes Brumm (KIT)

"Re-use of Colateral: Leverage, Volatility, and Welfare"


21.06.2017, 17-18 h

Johannes Pfeifer (Universität Köln)

"Transparency and replication in macroeconomics"


12.07.2017, 15:30-16:30 h

Jonas Dovern/Fabian Krüger

"Modeling Heterogeneity in Macroeconomic Expectations"


26.07.2017, 16-17 h

Alexander Glas

"Overconfidence versus rounding in survey-based density forecasts"


Winter Term 2016/2017


Matthias Hartmann

"Bias corrected consensus forecasts under asymmetric loss"


Fabian Krüger

"Murphy diagrams for VaR and Expected Shortfall"


Onno Kleen

"Evaluating systemic risk forecasts"


Benjamin Born (Universität Bonn)

"Uncertainty-driven Business Cycles: Assessing the Markup Channel"


Patrick Hürtgen

"Disagreement and monetary policy: A theoretical and empirical investigation"


Christopher Zuber

"The effect of recessions on estimates for potential output"


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