Research Projects

Social and behavioural science research at the Institute of Gerontology concentrates on four topics:

  1. Potentials and resources of old age for societal and cultural development, generation solidarity, and generation equity. This research contributes to the development of comprehensive strategies for managing successfully tasks and challenges of demographic change in modern societies. Here, social representations of old age are important for realizing potentials and resources of old age. Moreover, these representations are essential for cross-cultural analysis.
  2. Interindividual variability, intraindividual variability, and plasticity in dimensions of competence, i. e. skills and abilities to maintain or re-establish an independent, task-oriented and personally meaningful life in a stimulating, supportive (physical, social and infrastructural) environment.
  3. Theoretical integration and empirical analysis of the interactions between biological-physiological, psychological, and social aging. This research should contribute to a more comprehensive theoretical understanding of aging processes as well as to the development of a multi-dimensional system or intervention strategies.
  4. Quality of life in people suffering from physical and mental diseases. Intervention strategies including objective and subjective criteria of quality of life.


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