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New Concept for open care for the elderly

Principal Investigators: Dr. phil. Sonja Ehret
Working group Daseinsthematische Interviews: Johannes Hitzegrad, M.A., Miguel Rapp, Franziska Cengiz, Clarissa Reidel
Funding: Stadt Mannheim
Duration: October 2021 – March 2022

Project Description:

The city of Mannheim is planning a modernization of the open help for the elderly. The Institute for Gerontology was commissioned to lay the foundation for a new conception of the senior citizens' meeting places in the city of Mannheim. For this purpose, a theoretical sampling recruited by the city of Mannheim was to be examined dialogically. The underlying anchor questions represented an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary selection of topics of general interest. In addition to questions about the good life, they included questions about the urban district and housing, neighborhood and togetherness, loneliness, health and prevention.

Methodological procedure:

The one- to two-hour interviews in the form of conversations were designed dialogically according to the "Daseinsthematische Method". The interviewers were trained in the dialog seminars of AK WeiZen and Ethics of Generations. Dialogue as a basic ethical situation leads to true insights that can be verified transdisciplinarily.


Elderly and (very) old people living at home in Mannheim between 58 and 96 years of age, qualitatively stratified according to certain characteristics (age, gender, marital status, integration, culture).


Short evaluation, summary and implications of the pilot project.
Presentation at the Second Care Conference Mannheim


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