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Andrea Wetzel, Ph.D.

Scientific officer employed by the AOK Baden-Württemberg at the Institute of Gerontology

Institute of Gerontology
University of Heidelberg
Bergheimer Str. 20
69115 Heidelberg

Tel.: +49 6221 - 54 81 91
Fax: +49 6221 - 54 59 61

e-mail: andrea.wetzel[at]gero.uni-heidelberg.de
A Wetzel


• Master of Science in Educational Science, Criminology, Child and Youth Psychiatry (M.Sc.), University of
• Doctorate in Educational Science, University of Heidelberg

Work and Research Interests

• AOK Baden-Württemberg scientific officer responsible for the stroke project "ARISE"
• Public health/prevention
• Rehabilitation research
• Care dependency/family care givers
• Social services
• End of life issues
• Basics of statutory health and care insurance
• Third-party funding


A.R.I.S.E. - Applied Rehabilitation Research: Interdisciplinary Stroke Evaluation Criteria for the Identification of Rehabilitation Potentials – Predictors for successful Rehabilitation in Elderly Stroke Patients (in cooperation with AOK Baden-Württemberg; 2003-2008)

• Psychological and cognitive coping-parameters of elderly stroke patients (in cooperation with AOK Baden-Württemberg, Kliniken Schmieder Gailingen, Allensbach, Konstanz and Diakoniewerk Bethel Welzheim; 2000-2003)

• Care for the care givers - A project to support and boost the health of family care givers (in cooperation with AOK Baden-Württemberg and AOK Klinik GmbH; 1994-1999)


AOK Baden-Württemberg

Selected Publications

Becker, G., Kruse, A., Tronnier, J., Roepke-Brandt, B., Natus, A., Theissen, H., & Wetzel, A. (2006).

Rehabilitationsverlauf und Nachhaltigkeit – Erste Ergebnisse einer Studie zur Rehabilitation älterer Schlaganfallpatienten [Rehabilitation processes and sustainability - Initial results of a rehabilitation study of geriatric stroke patients]. Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie, 39, 365-370.

Wetzel, A. (1997). Gesundheitsförderung [Health promotion]. In M. Bergener, H. Fischer, M. Heimann, K.

Strohkamp, & G. Thiele (Eds.), Management Handbuch Alteneinrichtungen (pp. 1140). Heidelberg: R.v. Decker’s Verlag, Hüthig GmbH.

Wetzel, A. (1997). Sterben [Dying]. In M. Bergener, H. Fischer, M. Heimann, K. Strohkamp, & G. Thiele

(Eds.), Management Handbuch Alteneinrichtungen (pp. 2230). Heidelberg: R.v. Decker’s Verlag, Hüthig GmbH.

Hörlle (now Wetzel), A. (1996). Leben mit dem ewigen Abschied - Zur Situation pflegender Angehöriger

[Living with the eternal farewell – On the situation of family care givers]. Mainz: Matthias Grünewald Verlag.
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