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The Oekumenicum consists of the Ecumenical Institute and the Ecumenical Student Hall of Residence and is an establishment of the University of Heidelberg. It finds its roots in and is connected to the Ecumenical movement. Male and female students from Germany and abroad, from different courses, church denominations, cultures and religions, live together in the Ecumenical Hall of Residence as a diverse and lively community.

In choosing the new house members, it is arranged so that there is a balanced ratio between men and women (1/2 to 1/2), German speaking and foreign speaking students (1/2 to 1/2), Ph. D students (also occasionally guest lecturers) and students (1/3 to 2/3) and theologians and students studying other subjects (1/3 to 2/3)

The community in the Ecumenical Student Hall of Residence is based on Christian values. Therefore students who have grown up in other cultures or religions should especially enrich the House by sharing their own ways of life and faiths.


 What Living Together Involves

The students' house evenings take place in the lecture period every Tuesday from 7pm. After communal prayer and a communal meal there is always a time specially reserved for when house members come together for discussion on topics that they have chosen themselves. Speakers from the university, political and social occupations are invited to come and take part. House members can also give talks.

Taking part in the students' house evening is a compulsory part of the communal life.

Prayers and other forms of religious celebration, which the house members or the head of the students organise give people the opportunity to get to know different forms of religion and to consider different religious traditions. Traditions and experiences of other religions can and ought to interrelate. All house members take part in the prayer on Tuesdays as a part of the house evening. In addition to this, house members are invited to prayer on Thursdays and daily morning prayer (at 8am).

Breakfast is also a part of communal life, which is provided from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) in the lecture period between 8am and 9am. At the beginning of each semester there is an introductory weekend where old and new housemates can get to know each other. This also happens again similarly during the student trip where social activity and culture are combined.

House members are very welcome to organize and present other activities and events of their own initiative in accordance with those in charge.

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