Structure of the Student Residence Hall

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The convention, the assembly of all residents/members of the house, meets regularly and makes decisions regarding the immediate concerns of concrete life in the community.

The head of studies, which is also an in-house resident, is the chief administrator of the Ecumenical Student Residence Hall and is responsible for upholding its rules and smooth functioning. But he or she additionally performs the more personal functions of being available for support, for counseling and for supervising the student-residents of the house regarding concerns they may have.

The student tutor, who is newly selected by the assembly of student-residents every semester, works in conjunction with the head of studies to foster the harmonious functioning of community-life in regarding specific details. By way of such measures organized for this community, we assure that student’s interests and needs are actively represented and well taken care of at the Ecumenical Student Residence Hall.

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The chapter principally represents the interests of the student-residents. Its members are selected newly every semester. These members of the chapter, in turn, are responsible for completing the selection process of new student-resident applicants, along with the head of studies and the student tutor.


The effective leadership of the Ecumenical Student Residence Hall is a collaborative effort between the Ephora (the chair for Ecumenical Theology and director of the Ecumenical Institute), the head of studies, the student-representative chairpersons of the chapter and the student deputy. This consists of the joint-commission.


But administrative committee's expertise and activity is additionally extended to include a jurist and the University of Heidelberg's vice chancellor for intentional affairs, who is a panel member of the curatorial board. This association constitutes the highest board of officials for the Ecumenical Student Hall of Residence, the board of trustees.

Yet beyond this official institutional support, the 'Circle of Friends' association of the Ecumenical Institute and Student Hall of Residence, consisting of alumni and kindred spirits, also comes together to ensure financial and spiritual support of the activities of the house.

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