22. Ökumenisches Forum

Vom 19. bis zum 21. Januar 2017 findet das nächste Ökumenische Forum zum Thema "Lutheran Identity in a Global Horizon - an Inquiry into Current Profiles of Lutheran Theology" statt.

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Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg (IWH)
Hauptstraße 242
69117 Heidelberg






15.30: Welcome and Introduction
Prof. Dr. Großhans and Prof. Dr. Nüssel

16.15-17.45: "Transforming Biblical Hermeneutics: The Bible as a Resource for Holistic Renewal in Africa in the Light of
the 500th Reformation Anniversary"
Dr. Kenneth Mtata, General Secretary of the Council of Christian Churches in Zimbabwe

18.15-19.45: "The Impact of Lutheran Theology on the Formation of the Church and Society in Tanzania"
Dr. Faustin Leonard Mahali, Senior Lecturer for New Testament, Faculty of Theology, Tumaini University Makumira, Arusha, Tanzania



9.15-10.45: "Charismatic Movement in the Light of the Lutheran Understanding of the Work of the Holy Spirit in Asia – Its Claims and Relevance for the Modern Asian Church"
Prof. Dr. Wilfred John Sundaray, Principal of Sabah Theological Seminary and Professor for Systematic Theology, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,  Malaysia

11.15-12.45: "Towards a Dalit Public Theological Engagement of Luther and Its Relevance for India"
Raj Bharath Patta, Doctoral Student at the Faculty of Religion & Theology, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

14.15-15.45: "Kirche: Geschöpf… von welchem 'Wort'? Überlegungen über den Sinn des Gedenkens der 500
Jahre Reformation in Lateinamerika" (Written English translation will be available)
Prof. Dr. Daniel Beros, Professor of Systematic Theology at the Instituto Superior Evangelico de Estudios Teologicos, Buenos Aires, Argentina

16.15-17.45: "Is There a World Lutheranism? Thoughts on Accountability and Representation in Ecumenical Dialogue"
Prof. Dr. Kenneth Appold, James Hastings Nichols Professor of Reformation History, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton NJ, USA



9.15-10.45: "Rediscovering Pneumatology in the 'Age of the Spirit': A North American Lutheran Contribution"
Prof. Dr. Cheryl M. Peterson, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio, USA

11.15-12.45: "Consciences Bound and Liberated: The Place of Conscience in North American Lutheran Ecumenical Dialogue"
Miles Hopgood, Doctoral Candidate at Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton NJ, USA

14.15-15.45: "Lutheran Perspectives on Interfaith Relations. Theological Insights from Global Study Processes in the Lutheran Communion"
Dr. Simone Sinn, Study Secretary for Public Theology and Interreligious Relations at the Department for Theology and Public Witness of the Lutheran World Federation, Geneva, Switzerland


16.15-17.45: Final Discussion


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