Supplementary Study at the DWI

Students of theology or of other faculties can acquire an additional diaconal qualification called the "Certificate" ("Zertifikat"). However, students should note that this certificate is not acknowledged as a university degree.



The course which leads to this certificate is called the "Zusatzstudium" and is in essence aimed at supplementing a degree in theology or any other academic discipline.

Course Requirements:

  • three lectures on the biblical-theological and historical background of diaconal work (24 hours each)
  • one seminar on the systems of social insurance and politics (24 hours)
  • one seminar or lecture on social medicine (12 hours)
  • two seminars or lectures on social pedagogy and social work (24 hours each)
  • three seminars on special themes related to the science of diaconal work
  • one four day excursion
  • one short thesis (approx. 15,000 words).


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