Study Courses at the DWI

There are currently several alternative ways to study at the DWI.




  • All courses are open to all students regardless of faculty or discipline.Courses can be taken as integral part of one's studies or purely out of personal interest.
  • The second alternative is the so-called 'Schwerpunktstudium', which is a special set of courses for future pastors and co-workers in the church-based social work. The courses convey a basic diaconal competence. They are rounded off by a certificate in diaconal studies. > > More . . .
  • An offer to post-graduates is the so-called 'Diplom-Ergänzungsstudiengang': After four semesters students leave the institute with a postgraduate diploma in diaconal studies. > > More . . .
  • Beginning with Winter Semester 2005, the DWI also offers a Masters degree. Professionals can take the courses on "Corporate Governance in the Welfare System" as advanced training while still working. > > More . . .

Important: We do recommend to contact a course advisor. To do so, please click here!

An integral part of the courses are internships, which can be mediated by the DWI.

Our schedule of lectures gives an overview of the courses taught at the DWI. Topics are from the following fields:

  • The biblical, historical and systematic-theological bases of diaconal work;
  • Theory formation in diaconal studies and fields of diaconal action;
  • Questions of law and the organization of the welfare system;
  • Social security systems;
  • Methods of social work and social pedagogy;
  • Medical ethics and social medicine;
  • Management and public relations.
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