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Wagner goes East (and back again….): Operatic Performance between Europe and China

Mittler, Barbara in: Anno Mungen et al. (eds.), Music Theater as Global Culture. Wagner's Legacy Today. Würzburg (forthcoming).


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Footnotes 1-21

Footnote 2
Wolfgang Lempfrid “R. Wagner: Der Pariser Tannhäuser Skandal 1860”, in: Wolfgang Lempfrid Manuskriptsammlung; Kölnklavier 2000-2013.
Keyword: lempfrid

Footnote 5
Shanghai: The Ring, an opera longer than 16 hours” 上海 : 16小時超長歌劇《指環 (0:51-2:12).
Keyword: youkureport

Footnote 6
Thomas Betzwieser „Wagner and Israel“, in: Lecture Series for WagnerWorldWide2013.
Keyword: betzwieser

Footnote 7
Shen Cinong “The Ring of the Nibelungen—a brilliant staging” 《尼伯龍根的指環》閃亮登場, in: Xinmin Wanbao 新民晚报 19.9.2010.
Keyword: shencinong

Footnote 8
Huang Xiao 黃瀟 “The Ring of the Nibelungen—a milestone even today” 尼伯龍根的指環》: 至今仍是里程碑, in: Zhongguo wenhuabao 中国文化报 14.9.2010.
Keyword: ringberichtseptember

TFS “Shanghai Ring, 16.-19.9.2010” on: The Fleeting Spectator by a music and arts blogger, in: Beijing.
Keyword: tfs

Footnote 9
Ring@EXPO: an exhilarating theatrical masterwork at a fascinating place (under special patronage of Richard Wagner Verband International e.V. & Chinesisches Zentrum Hannover e.V.
Keyword: ringatexpo

Footnote 10
Oper Köln “Es bleibt spannend: der zweite Ring-Zyklus".
Keyword: ringzyklus

Footnote 11
Tickets for The Ring first on sale today—the level of popularity exceeds expectations by far” 歌剧《指环》今日开票 火爆程度超出, in: Wenhua Zhongguo文化中国 21.4.2010.
Keyword: culturechinaringsales

Footnote 12
Elke Heidenreich “Kölner ‚Ring’ in Shanghai (6) Weltdesaster: Die Souffleuse brennt!“ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 21.9.2010.
Keyword: ringheidenreich6

Footnote 13
Lao Tuzi 老兔子 “Shanghai Opera Lecture Hall: Free Lectures on The Ring” 上海大劇院藝朮課堂歌劇《指環》免費講座, in: 旺旺网 Net News Service, 11.7.2010.
Keyword: ringvorträge

Footnote 14
see Footnote 5

Footnote 15
see Footnote 13

Footnote 16
see Footnote 8

„Shanghai welcomes a grand cultural occasion, a staging of the ‚greatest’ of operas, The Ring 上海将迎文化盛事 “最伟大”歌剧《指环》亮相 Enorth NetNews 31.3.2010.
Keyword: ringberichtmärz

Footnote 17
Wang Chen 王晨“ The Hyper Opera The Ring challenging the audience ability for artistic appreciation” (超級歌劇《指環》挑戰觀眾藝朮欣賞力), in: Tiantian xinbao 天天新报 31.3.2010.
Keyword: ringbericht1

Footnote 18
Wang Chen see Footnote 17

Huang Xiao see Footnote 8

Enorth NetNews see Footnote 16

Footnote 19
see Footnote 17

Footnote 20
see Footnote 8

Footnotes 26-42

Footnote 21

see Footnote 17

Footnote 22
Cologne Opera staging of The Ring of the Nibelungen will come ashore in Shanghai in September” 科隆歌劇院版《尼伯龍根的指環》9月登陸上海, in: eLong艺龙14.7.2010.
Keyword: ringbericht

Footnote 23
see Footnote 17

Footnote 24
see Footnote 17

Footnote 25
see Footnote 8

Footnote 26
The Opera The Ring of the Nibelungen” 歌劇尼伯龍根的指環, in: Social and News Network 列表网 2.6.2010.
Keyword: ringbericht2

Footnote 28
Gastspiel in der Heimat für den Solocellisten”, in: Oper Köln Chinablog
Keyword: ringchinablog

Footnote 29
see Footnote 28

Footnote 30
see Footnote 7

Footnote 31
Elke Heidenreich “Kölner Ring in Shanghai (5) Ein Menschenleben in Chinas Bauboom? Pah!”, in FAZ.NET, 20.09.2010.
Keyword: ringheidenreich5

Footnote 32
see Footnote 31

Footnote 33
see Footnote 31

Fußnote 34
see Footnote 31

Footnote 35
Gao Lei 高磊 “At the first Shanghai performance of the large-scale opera the Ring, the Chinese audience shows itself quite in the know.” 歌劇巨制《指環》上海首演,中國觀眾很懂行, in: 娱乐新闻 新浪网 Yule xinwen xinlangwang, 21.09.2010.
Keyword: ringeberichtseptember1

Footnote 36
see Footnote 35

Footnote 37
see Footnote 12

Footnote 38
see Footnote 28

Footnote 39
see Footnote 31

Footnote 40
see Footnote 31

Footnote 41
see Fußnote 13

Footnote 42
see Footnote 16

Footnote 43
Keyword: ringbericht3

Footnote 44
Wang Chen see Footnote 17

Andrew Byrne “The ring cycle in Beijing”, in: Wagner Australia NSW, 02.02.2011.
Keyword: ringbericht4

Footnotes 45-100

Footnote 45
Bassett, Peter “A golden ring triumphs in Beijing”, in: Creativity Web - Resources for Creativity and Innovation, 24.01.2010.
Keyword: ringreportengland

Footnote 46
see Footnote 45

Footnote 48
Robert Turnbull “China’s First Lady of Opera”, in: New York Times 3.5.2010.
Keyword: firstladyofopera

Footnote 49
Luciano Pavarotti in China, in: Youtube, 4 Jan. 2010.
Keyword: pavarottiinchina

Footnote 50
National Centre for the Performing Arts 國家大劇院
Keyword: ncpa

Footnote 51
Three tenors 2001 : Santa Lucia luntano, in: Youtube, 7 Sep. 2007.
Keyword: dreitenöreverbotenestadt2001

Footnote 52
Film & Television Institute WA Inc “Three dragon tenors” 24.5.2012.
Keyword: threedragontenors

China's three top tenors hold concert” 5.7.2007.
Keyword: threetoptenors

Footnote 53
Michael Ahn Paarlberg “Can Asians save Classical Music”, in: SLATE Culturebox, 2.2.2012.
Keyword: Savingclassicalmusic

Joseph Kahn and Daniel J. Wakin “Classical Music looks toward China with Hope”, in: The New York Times Online, 3.4.2007.
Keyword: classicalmusichopechina

Footnote 94
In search of a stage, Western opera singers try China“ on Tian Haojiang and the “I sing China” program. In: NPR World Story of the Day 7.9.2011.
Keyword: insearchofastage

Footnote 95
Tan Dun with Marco Polo in Amsterdam” (CRTV/NL Report), in: Youtube, 6.12.2008.
Keyword: marcopoloinamsterdam

Footnote 97
Arnoud Noordegraaf (Composer/Director) “As big as the sky”.
Keyword: noordegraaf1
Keyword: noordegraaf2


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