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We provide a “basic website search” which allows the user to search metadata. The search system is based on the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) which is a tool for subject indexing of catalogues. LCHSs are applied to every single item within our collection and hence facilitate the access to items in the catalogue which are related to subjects of similar matter. The subject heading may consist of one or more words and can be followed by subdivisions, which can be geographical, topical, chronological, or by form.


Economic conditions
China – Economic conditions
China – Economic conditions – 2000 – Statistics
China – Economic conditions – Regional disparities

For your search please also have a look at our complete list of headings.

The advanced search allows you to combine different metadata and thus narrow your search. You may choose between AND or OR when using multiple search terms. Or you may choose a truncation search which allows you to retrieve hits containing variations on a search term. Unfortunately, conducting a full-text search is currently not possible due to technical constraints.

Metadata search

How to search:

  • use keywords in English
  • use hyphenated Pin-yin e.g.: mao ze-dong xuan-ji
  • only traditional characters
  • Examples: "chinese dream" "zhong-guo meng" "中國夢"

Combined Metadata Search

Author 1
Author 2
Corporate Bodies
Title Word / Keyword 1
Title Word / Keyword 2
Combine search terms using:
Search mode:
truncated or exact

When "truncated" is selected, chin will also find China, Chinese, etc.


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