Johannes Steffens










Teaching Assistant

Curt Engelhorn Chair in American History ,
Department of History at the University of Heidelberg/
Heidelberg Center for American Studies


Johannes Steffens is a Ph.D. candidate at Heidelberg University, writing his dissertation on “The Racial Integration of the American Workplace: How U.S. and Foreign Companies Ended Racial Discrimination in Employment”. He studied English and American studies, modern history, and political science at Tuebingen University, earning a bachelor's degree in 2007. Following a semester at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he joined the graduate program in history at Heidelberg University in 2008 and was awarded a master's degree with distinction in spring 2010. His master's thesis examined the significance of sport for Japanese Americans, focusing on the forced relocation and confinement (“internment”) during World War II. A research grant from the Ghaemian Travel Fund of the Heidelberg Center for American Studies enabled him to conduct extensive research for his thesis in Chicago in fall 2009.



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