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Miradas is an academic peer-reviewed journal, which is published twice a year. The journal aims to be a platform for issues related to the history of the Iberian and Ibero-American art while promoting scientific exchange between German, Hispanic and Lusitanian art and cultural historians. To allow for the different scientific traditions and to ensure mutual reception, it is multilingual to reduce language barriers to a minimum.

As its name suggests, Miradas is inviting to consider, contemplate and approach the issues from multiple points of view. One the one hand, the subjects focus the long an rich cultural history of the Iberian Pensinsula and the New World. In Miradas there are: articles discussing new research; a catalogue called "art worth remembering", here students are invited to present relevant Iberian and Ibero-American artworks; and a document section designed for the presentation and transcription of documents that open up new avenues of research.

Not least Miradas should give visibility to the Iberian and Ibero-American Art History at the Institute of European Art History at Heidelberg University. The editorial team is integrated by art historians from Heidelberg, Mexico and the Iberian Peninsula.

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