Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart – the 400th Anniversary of a Wedding


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A Digital Reconstruction of the Nuptial Journey of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart through Europe in 1613





In the Beschreibung der Reiß (Description of the Journey), published in 1613 by the Heidelberg printer Gotthard Vögelin, the anonymous author reports in loving detail Frederick’s journey over to England, the wedding ceremony and celebrations in London, the return journey of the newly-weds, and the concluding festivities in Heidelberg.


Students of the University of Heidelberg’s History Department taking part in a teaching seminar run by Dr. Kilian Schultes and Dr. Marco Neumaier have developed a system of geographically organised information (GIS) based on the book. The results, which are grounded in scientific methodology, will be published on the internet and will give not only specialists but also a broader historically interested audience an insight into the European dimensions of the events.


A link to the website for this project can be found here soon.



Digitised Sources on the History of the Wedding





The wedding of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart received an extraordinary amount of attention in the literature of the time. Authors published poems praising the newly-weds and tracts describing their travels, as well as the celebrations in London and Heidelberg, in great detail. The University Library Heidelberg houses a variety of texts which are dedicated to the story of the young couple.



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