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Early Modern History
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Early Modern History                                                                        nach oben

  • An in-depth survey of a range of aspects of the Early Modern Age (University of Münster) (Link)

Individual Aspects                                                                             nach oben

  • choice of the National Archive (UK) with help for Palaeography an Latin (Link)
  • 'Ad fontes' of the University of Zurich with help for Palaeography (Link)
  • Krünitz'sche Oekonomische Encyklopädie - encyclopaedia of the late 18th century (Link)
  • the digitised Zedler-encyclopaedia (Link)
  • digitised version of the Peaces of Westphalia (Link)
  • digitised version of the works of Frederick the Great of the University Library of Trier (Link)

Digitised Collections of early modern Texts                                            
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  • List of links 'Early Modern Age digitised' of the Herzog-August-Library of  Wolfenbüttel (Link)
  • 'Virtual Library Frühe Neuzeit' with links to further instituions and materials (Link)
  • Links to literature of the Swiss Electronic Academic Library Service (Link)
  • Retro library with many works reagrding the Early Modern Age (Link)
  • European History Primary Sources of the European University Institute (Link)
  • French platform 'Gallica' regarding sources (Link)
  • Society for Renaissance Studies with information about conferneces et al. (Link)
  • Erlanger Liste regarding the Early Modern Age (Link)
  • Virtual Library of the Historisches Centrum Hagen (Link)


Institutions of French-German Cooperation                                                    nach oben

  • interdisciplinary research community France-Germany (Link)
  • Centre Marc Bloch of the HU Berlin (Link)
  • Centre interdisciplinaire d'étude et des recherches sur Allemagne [CIERA] (Link)
  • French-German Internet portal (Link)
  • French-German Academie/ Université franco-allemande (Link)


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