Conference Venue

How to get to the Conference


University of Heidelberg
Neue Universität
Universitätsplatz / University Square
69117 Heidelberg

​The academic programm will be held at the Neue Universität located at University Square. The opening of the conference and the academic soiree takes place at the Alte Aula, located at University Square.

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By Plane

The most frequentet airport is Frankfurt. Take a train by Deutschen Bahn to Heidelberg or take the Lufthansa-Shuttle to Heidelberg.

Further airports:

  • Frankfurt Airport.
  • Mannheim Airport (Rhein-Neckar-Air): This regional airport is connected with Berlin and Hamburg. From the airport, take tram number 5 to get to Heidelberg. Gett off at Bismarckplatz and take bus 31# or 32# to university square.
  • Stuttgart Airport. Use the train to get to Heidelberg.
  • Baden-Baden Airport. The “Baden-Airpark-Express”-shuttle brings you to Heidelberg.
  • Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Use the “Hahn Express”-shuttle to get to Heidelberg.
  • Straßbourg Airport. Hop on the shuttle train to Strasbourg main station and then take a train to Heidelberg.


By Public Transport

Heidelberg has two train stations (main station and old city/Karlstor), which are connected to trains by Deutsche Bahn.

For time tables, follow this link.

Bus line 32 to university square (without change) or bus line 33, 34, 720, 735, 755 or tram 23 to Bismarckplatz and change to bus line 31 or 32  to get to university square.

For time tables for bus 32 and all other bus and tram lines, follow this link.


By Car (coming from the autobahn)

Leave the Autobahn towards main station, pass main station heading towards Heidelberg castle, then follow Kurfürstenanlage to Adenauerplatz. Having passed Adenauerplatz, go straight on into Gaisbergtunnel. Cars can be parked in the center’s parking decks.

Detailed information regarding the parking situation in Heidelberg you will find here.


By Cab

Please use the following link to call a cab. You can find cabs at Heidelberg main station (if you leave the building on the right side), at Bismarckplatz (in front of Galeria Kaufhof) and at University square (in front of the Historical Department).

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