PD Dr. Maria Shinoto - Vita

since 2013 Research Partner in the Project "Fundamental studies on the Nakadake Sanroku Sueki Kilns Site." Project Leader: NAKAMURA Naoko, Kagoshima University, Japan. (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
since 2012 Associate Professor (Privatdozentin)
since 2011 Research Leader in the project „Quantitative research on decorated burial chambers of the mounded tomb period in Japan" at the Institute for Cultural Heritage Research, Beppu University (The Mitsubishi Foundation)
since 2010 Corresponding Member of the German Archaeological Institute
2009-2012 Habilitation in Pre- and Protohistory, University of Heidelberg
2007 Study of Korean Language at Dongguk University, Gyeongju, Korea
2004-2007 Lectures in Anthropology at Beppu University, Japan
since 2004 Guest Researcher at the Institute for Cultural Heritage Research, Beppu University, Japan
  Participation in excavations in South Japan
2003 Ph.D. (Dr.phil) in Pre- and Protohistory at the University of Heidelberg
until 2003
  • Teaching experience in Bonn (Japanese Studies) and Heidelberg (Pre- and Protohistory)
  • Participation in excavations and research projects in Germany, Greece and Japan
  • Concept and Organisation of the International Symposium "Japanese Archaeology in Protohistoric and Early Historic Period" funded by the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung
  • Study of Japanese Studies, Chinese Studies, Ancient History and Pre- and Protohistory in Bonn, Keiō (Tōkyō), Cambridge and  Heidelberg with scholarships from the DAAD and the Erasmus Program

Current research

- Decorated burial chambers in Kofun period Japan: data collection and modelling for quantitative research.
- Japanese iconography of the Kofun period: a classification based on theoretical reasoning.
- Narikawa earthenware: production, classification, interpretation; integration of recent findings.
- Aesthetics of Narikawa earthenware in Kofun period Japan
- Sue ware of the Nakatake Sanroku kilns: excavation, archaeometrical analyses and problems of kiln construction.

Main interests

- Pottery: Production, classification, social aspects
- Methods of Quantitative Research
- Text data as a main research tool in the humanities (integration of Multimarkdown, XML, R, Latex, git among others)
- Written sources and archaeological findings in Japanese Protohistoric Periods (Yayoi, Kofun, Asuka, Nara periods)



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