Susanne Prillwitz - Publikationen

  • mit Anno Hein, A Closer Look at Updraft Pottery Kiln Constructions Based on Middle Helladic to Iron Age Examples in the Aegean, in W. Gauß – G. Klebinder-Gauß – C. von Rüden (Hrsg.), The Transmission of Technical Knowledge in the Production of Ancient Mediterranean Pottery. Proceedings of the International Conference Held at the Austrian Archaeological Institute at Athens, 23rd -25th November 2012, ÖAI Sonderschriften Band 54 (Wien 2015) 351-365.
  • K. Demakopoulou, N. Divari-Valakou, J. Maran, H. Mommsen, S. Prillwitz, G. Walberg, Clay Paste Characterization and Provenance Determination of Middle and Late Helladic Vessels from Midea, Opuscula (im Druck).
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