Dr. Angeliki Karagianni - Publikationen

Publications and Participation in Conferences:


  • In press:

“Materialität”, article with Christina Tsouparopoulou and Jürgen Paul Schwind in the edited volume Materiale Textkulturen.  Konzepte – Materialien – Praktiken (Materiale Textkulturen 1, Berlin), R. Sauer, M. Ott und Th. Meier (Hrsg.).


  • September 2014:

“Στιγμές, μήνες και εποχές. Αναζητώντας το χρόνο στο ανάκτορο και το αρχείο της Κνωσού”, invited lecture in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, Crete on the European Cultural Heritage Day, 27 September 2014.


  • November 2012:

“It’s about time. Temporality in the text and archaeology of Linear B Knossos”, invited lecture in the Mycenaean Seminar Series of the Institute of Classical Studies, University College of London, UK.


  • October 2012:

“Linear B administration: The communicative aspects of written media and the organisation of the Mycenaean bureaucracy”, paper presented in the SFB workshop on ‘Kommunikation und Materialität’, στο Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg.

(to appear in S. Enderwitz and R. Sauer (Eds.), Communication and Materiality, (Materiale Textkulturen, Vol.VIII), DeGruyter)


  • January 2012:

“The temporal dimension of texts and tablets (I)”, contribution to the Round Table ‘(Con-)Texts. Towards a Material and Praxeological Approach to the Linear B Tablets’, 21-22 January 2012, Heidelberg, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg.


  • October 2011:

“Χρονικές Διαιρέσεις και Οργάνωση στις πινακίδες της Γραμμικής Β από την Κνωσό και Πύλο”, paper presented at the 11th International Cretological Congress, 21-27 October 2011, Rethymnon, Crete.

(to appear in the publication of the conference proceedings)


  • January 2008:

“Representations of Time in Linear B tablets”, paper presented at the 2008 Sheffield Round Table, 25-27 January 2008, Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield

(to appear in J. Bennet, M.S. Peters & K. Soar (eds), Technologies of Representation, Sheffield Studies in Aegean Archaeology. Oxford, Oxbow Books, in press).


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