Dr. Angeliki Karagianni - Projekte

Angeliki Karagianni is currently a post-doctoral researcher in the SFB B03 sub-project Administrative Text-Practice in Mycenaean Greece. The Material and Communicative Aspects of Early Greek Writing" („Administrative Textpraxis im Mykenischen Griechenland. Zu den Materialen und Medialen Aspekten Frühgriechischer Schriftlichkeit“, project-leader Prof. D. Panagiotopoulos). The project aims to examine the Linear B corpus of clay tablets and their function in the framework of Mycenaean administrative and scribal practices, from a perspective that integrates elements drawn from both archaeology and epigraphy. Special emphasis is given to the material qualities and communicative potentials of the Linear B inscribed clay artefacts, as well as on the contextual/archaeological associations of the Linear B inscriptions. This project forms part of the extended Collaborative Research Center project 933 „Materiale Textkulturen: Materialität und Präsenz des Geschriebenen in non-typographischen Gesellschaften“.

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