Dr. Florence Gaignerot-Driessen - Lebenslauf

Research interests:

  • Formation of the Greek city-state in the Aegean (14th c.-6th c. BC).
  • Social groups in Aegean Protohistory.
  • Archaeology and History of Crete, from Late Bronze Age to the Hellenistic period.


  • Qualification by the CNU, Section 21 (France).
  • Ph.D. in Greek Archaeology. University of Paris-Sorbonne : From Postpalatial Occupation to the Greek City-state: A Study-Case of the Mirabello region, Crete (in French)
  • M.A. in Greek Ancient History. Paris-Sorbonne University.
  • Teaching certificates in Classics.
  • M.A. in Classics. Paris-Sorbonne University.
  • Magister in Ancient Studies. Paris-Sorbonne University.
  • B.A. in Classics. Paris-Sorbonne University.


  • Current position: Humboldt research fellow. Institute of Classical Archaeology, University of Heidelberg.
  • 2013-2015: Temporary lecturer and researcher in Greek and Roman History and Archaeology. University of Picardie – Jules Verne (France).
  • 2014: Guest lecturer in Greek Archaeology. UCLouvain (Belgium).


  • Currently: Humboldt research grant for postdoctoral researcher.
  • 2012-2013: Doctoral fellowship. A. S. Onassis Foundation.
  • 2010-2012: Doctoral fellowship. Gerda Henkel Foundation.
  • 2010, 2011: 2 doctoral fellowships. EFA.
  • 2010-present: Numerous travel and study grants from the ARC program ‘A world in crisis’ (UCLouvain), the University of Paris-Sorbonne, the CNRS (UMR 8167), the INHA.

Field experience in Crete

  • Since 2015. Anavlochos program: archaeological, topographical and geomorphological investigation of the Anavlochos. EFA. Director.
  • 2014. Rescue excavation on the Anavlochos: Middle Minoan II peak sanctuary, Late Minoan IIIC settlement (V. Zographaki, Greek archaeological service). Field supervisor.
  • 2013. Azoria Project: Archaic settlement (D.C. Haggis, UNC at Chapel Hill). Senior excavator.
  • 2012. Rescue excavation on the Anavlochos: Geometric settlement (V. Zographaki, Greek archaeological service). Field supervisor.
  • 2011. Rescue excavation on the Kephali Limnon: Middle Minoan II-Late Minoan IIIC settlement (V. Zographaki, Greek archaeological service). Field supervisor.
  • 2010. Architectural study of the ‘Maison du temple’ at Lato. Restudy of the material from the old excavations.
  • 2010-2013. Geographical and archaeological exploration of the Mirabello region (Ph.D).
  • 2009-2013. Archaeological mission at Dreros: Geometric-Hellenistic settlement (A. Farnoux, EfA & V. Zographaki, Greek archaeological service). Area supervisor (agora in 2009, Sector 5 in 2010, 2011 & 2013).
  • 2007-2011. Sissi archaeological project (J. Driessen, EBSA, UCLouvain). Area Supervisor. in Zone 3 (Late Minoan III building).
  • 2003-2006. Excavations and study campaigns at Palaikastro (BSA). Assistant.
  • 2000. Study campaign of Quartier Nu, Malia (A. Farnoux). Assistant.
  • 1997-1999. Excavation at Itanos (EfA, ULB, Universities of Paris I, Crete & Naples). Assistant.
  • 1997. Excavations at Eleutherna (Th. Kalpaxis, University of Crete). 2 weeks. Assistant.
  • 1996. Excavations of the crypte hypostyle at Malia (A. Allegrette, EfA). Assistant.
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