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Oral presentations

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Oral presentations


Philip P. BETANCOURT, Did the Goddess with Upright Arms have a Bench Shrine in the Inatos Cave?

Fritz BLAKOLMER, Beyond the Body: Facial Expression, Human Interaction and Narrativity in Aegean Iconography

Anastasia DAKOURI-HILD, Image and Affect: The Curious Case of Tanagra

Eleni DRAKAKI, “It’s in the Hands”: A Gesture of Reverence or Strength?

Susan C. FERRENCE – Philip P. BETANCOURT – Alessandra GIUMLIA-MAIR – James D. MUHLY, Two Embracing Men: A Mysterious Gold Pendant from the Cemetery of Petras, Siteia, Crete

Katerina GIANNAKI, The Function of Minoan Cheironomy

Ute GÜNKEL-MASCHEK, Expressions of Grief and Performances of Lament in the Neopalatial Period

Bernice R. JONES, The Iconography of the Knossos Snake Goddesses Based on their Gestures, Stances, Movements and Attributes

Christos KEKES, “Hands on Abdomen”: Unveiling the Polysemy of an Aegean Gesture

Robert B. KOEHL, The Mycenaean Lunge and Thrust

Nanno MARINATOS, Gestures in Minoan and Egyptian Art

Maria MINA, Kept in the Dark: Bodily Movement as Multisensorial Experience in Minoan Cavernous Spaces

Michele MITROVICH, The Human Body as a Shrine or the Breast of Both Worlds: The Application of Sociobiology and Evolutionary Psychology to the Study of the Iconography of the Human and the Divine in Bronze Age Crete

Céline MURPHY, Tense Bodies and Formal Salutes: Examining Representations of the Male Torso

Diamantis PANAGIOTOPOULOS, Powerless Images (?). (Mis-)reading Gestures and Stances in Aegean Iconography

Angelos PAPADOPOULOS – Vassiliki (Vanessa) PAPPA, The Stages of Death in the Late Bronze Age Aegean: Before, During and After the Moment of Dying

Laetitia PHIALON, A Simple Touch? Reassessing Aegean Bronze Age Depictions of Human and Animal Figures Interacting with a Tree or a Column

Paz RAMIREZ-VALIENTE, Gesturing Age, Posturing Gender. The Neolithic Antecedents of Bodily Comportment in the Aegean

Anna SIMANDIRAKI-GRIMSHAW, Overt and Covert Bodily Communication in Bronze Age Crete

Alexia SPILIOTOPOULOU, The Gesture of the Male Bronze Figurine from Katsambas

Caroline TULLY, Against Nature: Tree-Shaking Action in Minoan Glyptic Art as Agonistic Behaviour

Veronika VEREŠOVÁ, Triumph and Defeat. Emulating Postures of Near Eastern Rulers in Aegean Iconography

Diana WOLF, Ariadne’s Dance: Staging Female Gesture in Neopalatial Soft Stone Glyptic



Stephanie AULSEBROOK, Vessel-Based Gestures in Aegean Bronze Age Iconography

Tina BOLOTI, do-ra pe-re: Bodies in Ritual Action(s) in the Aegean 2nd Millennium B.C.

Massimiliano CARBONARI, Gesture, Action and Conflict: Hunters and Prey in Mycenaean Wall Paintings

Emily C. EGAN, Mirror Images: Dual Bodies and Illusion in Aegean Art

Filip FRANKOVIĆ – Uroš MATIĆ, The Last Man Standing – Body Poses of Defeated Warriors in Late Bronze Age Aegean Iconography and Their Egyptian Comparanda

Jacob E. HEYWOOD, Funeral or ‘Biography’? Re-considering the Potential Identities of Figures on the LM III Hagia Triada Sarcophagus

Louise A. HITCHCOCK, From the Here and Now, to the There and Then: The Most Powerful Woman in Minoan Crete?

Sotiria KIORPE, Talking from the Grave: Communicative Gestures and the Creation of Communal Ties in EBA Burials from the Petras Cemetery, Siteia, Crete

Susan E. POOLE, Does the Analysis of Gesture in Minoan and Mycenaean Art Contribute to our Understanding of Gender Roles and Relations in the Pre-historic Aegean?

Lucie VALENTINOVÁ, Non-Narrative Rendering of Individual Identity: Absorption and Distance


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