Prof. Dr. Stephan Westphalen - Projects

1988 – 1992 The basilica at the Heraion and Early Christian monuments on Samos, contributor under the German Archaeological Institute, Athens Department
1991 – 1993 Participant at various excavations of the Baden-Württemberg Monument Authority at Freiburg, the Upper Rhine and in the Black Forest
1992 – 1995 The Odalar Camii at Istanbul. Studies on the Middle Byzantine architecture and mural painting of Constantinople
1995/96 The Byzantine basilica at Priene, contributor under the German Archaeological Institute, Istanbul Department
1997 – 1999 Excavations at Resafa-Sergiupolis (Syria) under the authority of the German Archaeological Institute
1999 – 2003 Uncovering and restoration of medieval wall paintings in the monastery church of Mar Yakub at Qara (Syria)
2000 Recording of architectural parts from a shipwreck at the museum of Tartus (Syria))
2001 – 2004 “From Polis to Madina. Byzantine city planning and its influence on the development of Early Islamic cities (from the sixth to the eighth century)”
2003/04 The Byzantine monuments of Uzuncaburç (Turkey), as contributor at the project “From temple-state to city-state. Transformation and integration of the territory of Olba/Diokaisareia (Cilicia) between Hellenism and Late Antiquity” (within the DFG-Schwerpunktprogramm 1065 „Formen und Wege der Akkulturation im östlichen Mittelmeerraum und Schwarzmeergebiet in der Antike“), supervision: D. Wannagat, K. Trampedach and U. Gotter
2004 Planning and organisation of the conference „Qara, Deir Mar Yakub – The ‚Museumfragments’. Christian Art and Identity in Medieval Syria“, Damascus 20. - 22. May. Hosted by the German Archaeological Institute, Orient Department, in cooperation with Paul van Moorsel Centre for Christian Art and Culture in the Middle East, Leiden-University the Paul van Moorsel Centre for Christian Art and Culture in the Middle East, Leiden-University and the Institut Orientaliste, Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve
2004 – 2007 Lateral chambers in Cilician churches of the 5th and 6th centuries
2005 The Arap Camii at Istanbul. Greek painting in the Dominican church of the Genoese at Pera, in cooperation with H. Çetinkaya, Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul
2006 Documentation of the architecture and paintings at Deir Mar Musa (Syria) as participant of the ‚PIONEER-Project’ of the University of Leiden
Photographic documentation of the wall paintings in the Bel temple at Palmyra, at the invitation of the German Archaeological Institute, Damascus Branch
2006 – 2010 Excavation of the Early Byzantine basilica at Marmara Ereğlisi (Perinthos). In cooperation with the museum of Tekirdağ and Prof. Mustafa Sayar from the University of Istanbul
2010 – 2012 DFG-Project: Excavation at al-Andarin, ancient Androna, to investigate the church architecture of an Early Byzantine settlement in central Syria (in cooperation with Fedor Schlimbach)
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