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14th International Conference of Demotic Studies, Heidelberg SEPT. 05 - 09 2022

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MondaySept. 5
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ThursdaySept. 8
FridaySept. 9
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opening ceremony
T. Gertzen
"Wilhelm Spiegelberg & Demotic Studies"
reception at the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften
S. Lippert
"Ostraca from the Upper Egyptian Athribis (Ḥw.t-Rpy.t) – current state of affairs"
L. Uggetti
"Granary Accounts from the Jouguet Collection"
coffee break
M. Pascalicchio
"Reconstructing the business archive of the temple of Hathor from Ptolemaic Pathyris: religious, economic, and political attitudes of the local priests"
lunch break
J. Oakley
"Use And Abuse Of Pharaonic Similes In The Inaros-Petubastis Cycle"
J. Cross
"A 'Veritable Cycle Romanesque?' The Relationship Between P. Krall And P. Spiegelberg Reconsidered"
coffee break
J. Quack
"A Dialogue Between Imhotep And The Pharaoh About The Temple"
R. Kade
"Toss a Dime to your Sobek - oh Data aplenty!"
M.-P. Chaufray, D. Vignot-Kott
"Dime Temple Accounts: New Data and Perspectives"
coffee break
C. Arlt
"Ptolemaic Receipts from Soknopaiou Nesos"
lunch break
G. Baetens
"Taxes on Funerary Products in Graeco-Roman Egypt"
N. Dogaer
"The Archive of Phanesis Son of Nechthyris: A Demotic Perspective on the Ptolemaic 'Oil Monopoly'"
coffee break
A. Almásy-Martin
"Lexicon of Greek Personal Names: The Demotic Material"
guided tour
J. Korte
"The Demotic Palaeographical Database Project (DPDP) - An Introduction to the Palaeography Module"
C. Maderna-Sieben
"The Demotic Palaeographical Database Project (DPDP) - An Introduction To The Text Editing Module"
coffee break
F. Wespi
"On the conception of the character-based transliteration of Demotic in the Demotic Palaeographical Database Project"
lunch break
F. Hoffmann
R. Dosoo
"God’s Arrival? A Lexicographical Study of the Pḥ-Nṯr"
coffee break
A. Winkler
"The Astrological Lots in the Egyptian Tradition"
dinner at the
Wirtshaus zum Nepomuk
M. Escolano-Poveda
"Astrologica Athribitana: A New Group of Demotic-Hieratic Horoscopes at the Origins of Astrological Practice in Egypt"
C. Láda
"Ethnische Terminologie im hellenistischen und frührömischen Ägypten (332 v. Chr. – 14 n. Chr.): Ein Vorbericht"
coffee break
S. Vuilleumier, C. Fong, L. Dogaer
"Beyond (Hieratic) Funerary Texts: Demotic Matters!"
optional visit of the exhibition

"Ägypten - Land der Unsterblichkeit"

at the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen
in Mannheim

Conference venue

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Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften, Karlstraße 4, 69117 Heidelberg
(registration, opening ceremony, reception, papers)



Heidelberg, 28.03.2022

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to provide you with new information on the 14th International Conference of Demotic Studies in this first circular of 2022.

After two postponements due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are optimistic that we will be able to hold the conference in Heidelberg this year from September 5 to 9. It will open on Monday, September 5, 2022 at 5 p.m. with a keynote lecture followed by a reception and will end on Friday, September 9 at 1 p.m. From Tuesday morning to Friday noon, the conference talks are scheduled at the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences. On the evening of Thursday, September 8, a joint dinner will be held. Throughout the week, conference participants will have the opportunity to visit the permanent exhibition "Ägypten – Land der Unsterblichkeit" at the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums in Mannheim free of charge.

Please register again for the conference via our conference website (registration and abstract submission) until 31.07.2022. The participation fee as an early bird until 31.05.2022 is 150€ (students: 100€) and afterwards 180€ (students: 130€) and includes the par-ticipation in the conference, the evening reception on Monday, a guided tour in Heidelberg on Wednesday as well as the entrance to the above mentioned exhibition of the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums in Mannheim. A discounted ticket for the Heidelberg mountain funicular with castle admis-sion on Wednesday and the evening event on Thursday can be booked in addition.

All papers that have successfully passed the peer review process will remain accepted. However, we kindly ask that abstracts be uploaded again. Changes to the abstracts are allowed. If you wish to present a different paper than you submitted two years ago, it will go through a peer review process. The same applies to abstracts submitted by participants who did not originally submit a paper but now wish to do so. The deadline for submission of all abstracts for presentations is also 31.05.2022 31.07.2022. For this purpose, please use this template and submit the abstract in pdf format via our conference platform.

It is possible to book accommodation in Heidelberg via our conference website until 31.07.2022. Here you will also find a link to the website of Heidelberg-Card, which offers discounts on the city's cultural offerings as well as free travel on public transportation. Parents who require childcare are asked to get in touch with us.

You can always contact us at the e-mail address ICDS2022@zaw.uni-heidelberg.de and we will provide all relevant information on the 14th ICDS on the conference website.

We look forward to welcoming you to Heidelberg soon.

With kind regards
Your ICDS team

Prof. Dr. Joachim Quack  Jannik Korte  Dr. Claudia Maderna-Sieben
Fabian Wespi  Carina Kühne-Wespi  Lena Krastel

and all helpers from the Egyptological Institute Heidelberg

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We dedicate this conference to the great Demotist Wilhelm Spiegelberg in order to honor his outstanding achievements in the field of Demotic Studies and to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his call to the Egyptological Institute of the University of Heidelberg.
Wilhelm Spiegelberg, who habilitated at the University of Strasbourg in 1894 and became the head of the Egyptological Institute in 1907, had to resign from his office and leave Strasbourg due to the French occupation of Alsace-Lorraine and the conclusion of the Treaty of Versailles. He moved to Heidelberg and from 1920 to 1923 was affiliated to the Egyptological Institute as honorary professor under the chair of Herman Ranke. During his time at the Egyptological Institute in Heidelberg, Wilhelm Spiegelberg completed his Coptic Dictionary (1921), published numerous Demotic texts, such as the "Demotische Papyri aus den badischen Papyrussammlungen" (1923) and also developed and wrote a large part of his Demotic Grammar (1925), which went far beyond the "Grammaire démotique" published by Heinrich Karl Brugsch in 1855 and rightfully made Wilhelm Spiegelberg the new founder of Demotic Studies.


The conference is kindly supported by

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