Dr. Andreas Schwab


Teaching Experience

University of Heidelberg, Classics Department

  • 'Clash of Civilizations' in Antiquity? Herodotus on Cambyses in Egypt. Reading Class (summer 2015)

  • Formations of Ancient Near Eastern kingship from Herodotus’ perspective, Interdisciplinary Seminar with Prof. G. Ahn (Dept. of Religious Studies) and PD Dr. H. Klinkott (Dept. of Ancient History) (summer 2015)

  • The Phenomenon and the Poetic of War in Homer and Herodotus, Reading Class (winter 2014/5)

  • Greek Prose Composition III (winter 2014/5)

  • Homer, Odyssee, Reading class (summer 2014)
  • Greek Prose Composition II (summer 2014)
  • Seminar on “Hecatomb, Hymns and Mysteries. Texts and Forms of Ancient Greek Religion" (winter 2013/14)
  • Teach-and-Research-Seminar II: Hunting Manuscripts in the 21. century: The discovery of Origen (Codex Monacensis Graecus 314) (winter 2013/14)
  • Early Greek Philosophy: Sources, Reconstruction and Reception, Seminar (summer 2013)
  • Teach-and-Research-Seminar I: Hunting Manuscripts in the 21. century: The discovery of Origen (Codex Monacensis Graecus 314) (summer 2013)
  • Xenophon, Memorabilia, Reading class (winter 2012/13)
  • Greek Prose Composition III (winter 2012/13)
  • Egypt mirrored in literary and documentary texts (summer 2012)
    (together with Dr. Patrick Sänger, Institute of Papyrology)
  • Greek Prose Composition II (summer 2012)
  • Thucydides, Book II, Reading class (winter 2011/12)
  • Greek Prose Composition II (winter 2011/2)
  • Herodotus, Histories, Seminar (summer 2011)
  • Introduction to Classical Studies (summer 2011)
  • Hesiod, Theogony, Reading class (winter 2010/11)
  • Greek Prose Composition II (winter 2010/11)


University of Regensburg, Classics Department

  • Homer, Odyssee, Seminar (summer 2010)
  • Introduction to Classical Studies: Textual criticism and the history of transmission (summer 2010)
  • Greek Prose Composition III (summer 2010)


University of Trier, Classics Department

  • Archaic Poetry, Seminar (winter 2009/10)
  • Plato, Ion, Reading class (winter 2009/10)
  • Greek Prose Composition I (winter 2009/10)
  • Greek Prose Composition II (winter 2009/10)
  • Homer, Iliad, Reading class (summer 2009)
  • Seminar on Hellenistic Literature (winter 2008/09)
  • Plato, The Apology of Socrates, Reading class (winter 2007/08)
  • Greek Prose Composition I (winter 2007/08)
  • Seminar on the History of Ancient Religion: From Homers Iliad to the Confessions of Augustine (summer 2007)
  • Xenophon, Symposion, Reading class (winter 2006/07)


University of Munich (LMU), Department of Religious Studies

  • Religion and Science: From Thales of Miletus to Tertullian. Block-seminar (summer 2009)
    (together with Dr. Alexandra Grieser)
  • Religion and Rhetoric: From Early Greek Philosophy to the Church Fathers. Block-seminar (summer 2007) (together with Dr. Alexandra Grieser)
  • Methods and Disciplines of the Study of Religion (winter 2005/06)
    (together with Dr. Anne Koch)
  • Tutorial to Methods and Disciplines of the Study of Religion (summer 2004)



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