Zeitschrift für Arabische Linguistik - Inhalt von Heft 68 (2018)


A. Bar-Moshe
The historical development of the vowels ē and ō and their allophones in the Jewish Dialect of Baghdad, S. 5-30
O. Shachmon - M. Marmorstein
badhačak dahič “I'll smash you altogether!” The Unmodified Cognate Complement in Rural Palestinian Arabic, S. 31-62
L. D’Anna
Synchronic and diachronic observations on verbal negation in the Arabic dialects of the Fezzān, S. 63-91


M. Knüppel
Zu Sūdān-Arabisch شفلكة ~ سلقة, S. 92-94


M. G. Carter
SĪBAWAYHI’s Principles: Arabic Grammar and Law in Early Islamic Thought (Y. Dror), S. 95-99
F. Grande
Il lessico coranico di flora e fauna. Aspetti strutturali e paleolinguistici (F. Corriente), S. 100-101
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