Journal of Arabic Linguistics - Contents of Issue 54 (2011)


A. Fournet
Some Features of Proto-Arabic Phonemes and the Tenets of the Comparative Method, S. 5-26
D. Eades
A transitional Arabic dialect of the northern Omani interior, S. 27-41
J. Rosenhouse
Trends of development in Arabic dialectology in the 20th century: A survey, S. 42-66
A.D. Rubin
Mehri Dialect Studies: Omani and Šarqīyah Mehri , S. 67-83


Bernard Comrie et alii (editors):
Introducing Maltese Linguistics (M.R. Zammit), S. 85-94
Ingelore Goldmann
Arabischer Wortschatz - Lernspiele (D. Glaß), S. 94-96
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