Journal of Arabic Linguistics - Contents of Issue 52 (2010)


I. Youssef
Against Underlying Mid Vowels in Cairene Arabic, S. 5-38
E.Y. Odisho
An Aerodynamic, Proprioceptive and Perceptual Interpretation of Sībawayhi's Misplacement of /ط/ and /ق/ with Majhūra Consonants, S. 39-52
A.A.M. Alfaifi, P. Behnstedt
First Notes on the Dialect of Ǧabal Fayfāʾ: (Jazan province/Saudi Arabia), S. 53-67
S. Bahumaid
The Terminological Issue in Arabic Revisited: The Case of Discourse Analysis Terms, S. 68-83


Baalbaki, R.
The Legacy of The Kitāb (J. Owens), S. 85-94
Chetrit, Joseph
Diglossie, hybridisation et diversité intra-linguistique. Études socio-pragmatiques sur les langues juives, le judéo-arabe et le judéo-berbère (M. Kossmann), S. 94-96


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