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Zeitschrift für Arabische Linguistik - Inhalt von Heft 51 (2009)


D. Eades
Retention of the passive verb in a Bedouin dialect of northern Oman, S. 5-21
P. Santillán Grimm
Collocation in Modern Standard Arabic revisited, S. 22-41
A. Kasher
Sîbawayhi's tanwîn-nasb principle revisited, S. 42-50
L. Souag
Siwa and its significance for Arabic dialectology, S. 51-75
A.D. Rubin
Hôm Sweet Hôm: The Unusual Mehri Verb 'to want', S. 76-84


Solomon I. Sara, S.J.
Sîbawayh on 'imâlah (Inclination): Text, Transalation, Notes and Analysis (H. Zemer), S. 85-87
Edzard, L., Retsö, J. (eds.)
Current issues in the analysis of Semitic grammar and lexicon II (R. Voigt), S. 88-95
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