Journal of Arabic Linguistics - Contents of Issue 50 (2009)


D. Larsen
Precedence and Innovation in the Bilingual Nabataean Inscription at ʿEn ʿAvdat, S. 5-21
A.S. Mehdi Ali
High Frequency Phatic Utterances in Arabic: An Example of Religion-Loaded Phatic Communication, S. 22-38
J. Retsö
The m-suffix with the finite verb 3rd and 2nd person plural in Arabic dialects, S. 39-50
D. El Zarka
Verbale Pluralität in ägyptisch-arabischen vierkonsonantigen Verben, S. 51-73


S. Wild (Hrsg.)
Self-Referentiality in the Qurʾān (M. Waltisberg), S. 75-78
S. Gralla
Der arabische Dialekt von Nabk (Syrien) (D. Gazsi), S. 79-82
V. Traverso
Des échanges ordinaires à Damas. Aspects de l’interaction en arabe (D. Gazsi), S. 83-86
P.G. Borbone, A. Mengozzi, M. Tosco
Loquentes linguis. Studi linguistici e orientali in onore di Fabrizio A. Pennacchietti(P. Stein), S. 87-96
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